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Pamper Yourself: 5 Things to do to Prepare for your Boudoir Shoot

Sac Boudoir Photo

Boudoir shoots are nerve wracking. I know! I’ve been there. It’s very natural to be feel excited and anxious at the same time. I can’t take all these feelings away, but I can suggest a few things you can do to help you feel less self conscious. If you want to feel your absolute best […]

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Hello Bride! | Sacramento Bridal Boudoir


Hello Bride. I know with your upcoming wedding day and it’s many expenses many of you are asking, why should I do a boudoir session? Besides the obvious The number reason is that boudoir makes a woman feel powerful, confident, beautiful and amazing. These feelings are why I shoot boudoir, but if you are bride […]

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Tips on how to keep your Boudoir Gift a Surprise

sacramento boudoir photo

One of the questions we love to ask when someone comes in for a session is why women decided to do a boudoir session. About 60% of our marathon sessions are with brides, wives or mothers looking to give a sultry gift. It’s so much fun to hear the stories you come up with and […]

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