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Black and White Sacramento Couples Boudoir

sacramento couples boudoir

I love shooting couples boudoir in studio and I’m lucky enough to say that at least one couple that is brave enough to come in let me capture their passion. I’m so happy that this couple allowed me to share a few of their photos and the small amount the did let me share really […]

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Sexy Saturday | J+S | Sacramento Couples Boudoir

They met online where their love of the As brought them together. When they came into the studio they said they were having a monthly ritual. The shoot was part of their Sexy Saturday. A fun idea where once a month the spend and entire day together doing adventurous things. So I thought, man if […]

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Him + Her | Part 2 | Sacramento Couples Boudoir

A Hawaiian girl falls in love with her personal trainer. Sounds like a cliche, but it’s uber adorable. They are fit, hot and perfect together and this session proves just that. Check out Part 1 | Her:

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Inked | Las Vegas Couples Boudoir

I met this tattoo barbie last time I was in Vegas. I remember during our shoot she couldn’t stop talking about this wonderful man in her life, whom also loved costume parties as much as she did! Shortly after they got engaged and as I edited these images I saw their amazing bond. They are […]

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Ooooo-la-la | Las Vegas Couples Boudoir

I cannot say enough about these two. They are multi-talented with a portfolio of acting modeling, dancing, and aerobatics. They even have a really cool hand balancing act, but what I really love about them is this explosion of chemistry when they are together. They laugh with ease together and their embraces are ooo-la-la passionate! […]

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Again in a Love-beat | Ray and Natasha | Sacramento Couple’s Boudoir

They met in school and had an incredible instant friendship. Her friend had a crush on Ray. She didn’t want to be attracted to him, but their chemistry was undeniable. This connection ended up stirring up some conflict in their lives, but it made them stronger and proved that their love was not a fluke. […]

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John + Nikole | Epic Hot Couples Boudoir | Mare Island – Vallejo, CA

She met him twice, but didn’t know it. He remembers vividly the first time he met her. “She was starring at me from across the room for 19 minutes straight”, He says. He finally talks to her, but she brushes him off and he thought he would never see her again. She reconnected with him […]

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More than just boudoir | Couples Boudoir Photography featuring E+J

On the surface you could say that a couples boudoir session can be risque. There is no doubt that these photos of E+J are spicy….but deep down I feel like these images are more about affection and capturing a side of people that is a little bit more vulnerable. You also get a glimpse into […]

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Steamy is an understatement | Hot Couples Boudoir featuring Heather + Brad

She has said many times that there is no mystery between them. Their love is explicable. When he looks at her, he really sees her. She is more than just a beautiful face. She is fun, compassionate, and determined. When they are together their passions collide and their chemistry is undeniable explosive. He is her […]

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