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A woman’s body | Orange County Maternity Boudoir

Orange County Maternity Boudoir

A women’s body is a miracle. It’s the definition of life and strength. What we can endure for 9 months is beautiful and often times, I still hear women say how self conscious they are during their pregnancy. It makes me really appreciate when women come in to do a maternity boudoir session. This amazing […]

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Glowing! | Sacramento Maternity Boudoir


When I found out this lovely lady was pregnant I almost cried. I’m more happy for her than I was for myself. She has always been one of those people who thinks more about other people than herself, and he thoughtfulness makes your heart melt. She was meant to be a mom and after many […]

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Boudoir Party | Santa Clara Boudoir Photography

santa clara boudoir photography

In November, I spent a whole day shooting boudoir. The ultimate girls day in, a boudoir party! A group of girlfriends come together, drink champagne, and laugh it up. Meanwhile each girl gets a private sexy shoot with me. I’m so grateful to meet and spend the day with these girls. They remind me of […]

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