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Get your confidence back |OC Boudoir Photography

Orange County Boudoir Photographer

It’s always such an honor when another photographer contacts you for a shoot. I always think to myself in disbelief, “really, me?”. I have to be honest though, it makes me really nervous having another photographer in front of me lens. I think it’s because I feel like they know all the mistakes I’m making. […]

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Boudoir on Film | Orange County Boudoir

Orange County Film Boudoir Photographer

Lately I’ve been dabbling with film. One of the things I learned is that is really tests your photography knowledge. I love that shooting film is like unwrapping a gift. You don’t get a satisfying gratification like in digital where you get the see the image right away. With film I have to drop it […]

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S.Sierra | Fullerton Boudoir Photography

Coste Mesa Boudoir

I have gorgeousness on the blog today. She is a petite vixen, but not only that she has an awesome personality full of energy and love. I think people can say one of the perks of being a boudoir photographer is being able to meet beautiful people. However, no matter how many people I shoot […]

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J.Skye | Fullerton Boudoir

Costa Mesa Boudoir Photographer

A couple of weeks ago I set aside a day to shoot some boudoir. I traveled to Fullerton to shoot in a friend’s studio and I met some incredible women. Once of them being Jasmyn. She came to the shoot with the same large cup of Vietnamese coffee as me. She calls it crack. I […]

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