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Bedroom Boudoir | Los Angeles Boudoir Photographer

Los Angeles Boudoir Photographer

I haven’t seen J in quite some years. We both use to live in Northern California and now that we’ve both moved to Southern California our paths has crossed once more. It was wonderful to connect with her again and be able to catch up on our changing lives. She is magic in front of […]

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Get your confidence back |OC Boudoir Photography

Orange County Boudoir Photographer

It’s always such an honor when another photographer contacts you for a shoot. I always think to myself in disbelief, “really, me?”. I have to be honest though, it makes me really nervous having another photographer in front of me lens. I think it’s because I feel like they know all the mistakes I’m making. […]

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Boudoir on Film | Orange County Boudoir

Orange County Film Boudoir Photographer

Lately I’ve been dabbling with film. One of the things I learned is that is really tests your photography knowledge. I love that shooting film is like unwrapping a gift. You don’t get a satisfying gratification like in digital where you get the see the image right away. With film I have to drop it […]

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S.Sierra | Fullerton Boudoir Photography

Coste Mesa Boudoir

I have gorgeousness on the blog today. She is a petite vixen, but not only that she has an awesome personality full of energy and love. I think people can say one of the perks of being a boudoir photographer is being able to meet beautiful people. However, no matter how many people I shoot […]

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J.Skye | Fullerton Boudoir

Costa Mesa Boudoir Photographer

A couple of weeks ago I set aside a day to shoot some boudoir. I traveled to Fullerton to shoot in a friend’s studio and I met some incredible women. Once of them being Jasmyn. She came to the shoot with the same large cup of Vietnamese coffee as me. She calls it crack. I […]

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