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It’s a Sexy Xmas! | Sacramento Christmas Boudoir


J contacted us a few times to do her boudoir shoot and a few times she has let the fear of being in front of the camera get the best of her. She said to me, “I am a mom of two beautiful children and quite honestly I’m having a hard time finding myself and […]

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Sexy Shoot #2 | Sacramento Boudoir Photography

Sacramento Plus Size Boudoir

In the studio we often say that boudoir is about much more than photos. Most women walk away seeing their beauty like they haven’t been able to for years and they leave feeling differently too. We promise that  no matter what size you are you will feel powerful and amazing after your session. M proves […]

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Boudoir is what you make of it | Sacramento Plus Size Boudoir


A few days ago I went back to the gym again after recovering from 6 weeks of post pardum. We joined a new gym and I took a step class, but the this particular gym’s step class was very different than the ones I’m use to taking. When I expressed my disappointment to my husband about […]

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Star Wars | Orange County Plus Size Boudoir


I am always amazed at the women that come into the studio because every woman I shoot inspired me in different ways. For instance, R told me she had lost over 40 pounds and this shoot was a just because for her! Good for you girl! Her motivation to be a better version of herself […]

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Why Boudoir is Addicting | Sacramento Curvy Woman Boudoir


In the studio we get many curvy women. About once a month I hear a client say to me how they already want to come back for another shoot. Boudoir is addicting because confidence is addicting. You’ll hear me say more than once that a boudoir shoot is more than sexy photos. It’s about changing […]

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You are beautiful | Sacramento Curvy Girl Boudoir

Sacramento Boudoir Photographer

Today I watch a video about a girl who tells her classmates that they are beautiful and their reaction to it was priceless! To many times we walk around feeling less than beautiful. In the studio I hear women say things about themselves in a negative way. Like “I hate my big butt”, “my chest […]

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Sexy is a feeling | Sacramento Plus Size Boudoir Photographer


When D messaged me she made it a point to tell me she is a size 16. And I said to her, “even better!” D is the type of woman that I get in the studio all the time, and she is absolutely the type of woman I love to shoot. D said to me […]

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Being plus size | Orange County Boudoir


I tell women all the time that it doesn’t matter what your size they are, as long as they own it and love themselves! And if you don’t, that is even more reason to come in and do a boudoir shoot! A a women, you deserve to feel beautiful and I don’t think your body […]

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I’m a curvy girl | Sacramento Curvy Girl Boudoir Photography


In my six years of shooting boudoir. I have never met a mom that wasn’t concerned about her curvy figure. I often hear, “I could never look like those women in your pictures.” Well the truth is, those women are, you! I honestly can’t think of any woman who deserves to feel special more than […]

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Mommy Curves | Sacramento Curvy Boudoir

Military Inspired Boudoir

There was something different about K. I noticed it right as she stepped into my studio. One of things I do as boudoir photographer is I see the beauty in all women, even if they don’t see it in themselves. The truth is more often than not women are really hard on their image, which […]

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Be sexy at any size | Sacramento Plus Size Boudoir

Sacramento Plus Size Boudoir Photographer

When C email me the first thing she said was that she is plus size and this got me excited. Why? Because I get too many emails from women who think they are too curvy to be sexy. Well, here’s the truth folks. Are you ready for it? You don’t have to be a size […]

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Get your confidence back |OC Boudoir Photography

Orange County Boudoir Photographer

It’s always such an honor when another photographer contacts you for a shoot. I always think to myself in disbelief, “really, me?”. I have to be honest though, it makes me really nervous having another photographer in front of me lens. I think it’s because I feel like they know all the mistakes I’m making. […]

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