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Our Boudoir Experience = You, Super Model | Sacramento Best Boudoir

Sacramento Best Boudoir

One of the things we love about the boudoir experience is the transformation process. From session to final product. We love not only the physical transformation, but really seeing our clients in awe of themselves. The confidence a boudoir shoot gives to women is priceless! Women are beeming after this session! We often get emails saying “I […]

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Hello 2017 | Sacramento New Year’s Boudoir


I saw a quote the other day that said, “Tomorrow, you’l have 365 of blank pages, write a great book.” I love that feeling when a new year arrives. It’s the feeling that anything can happen and the anticipation that all your hopes will be realized. 2016 was my first year of being an exclusive […]

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Fit is the new black | Sacramento Christmas Boudoir


Women come into the studio for many reasons, but one of my favorite reasons is when they have some sort of transformation. R learned that fitness not only made her look good, but feel good too! And, dang, was she hot in our Sacramento Christmas Boudoir themed shoot! She said to me, “I recently lost […]

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It’s a Sexy Xmas! | Sacramento Christmas Boudoir


J contacted us a few times to do her boudoir shoot and a few times she has let the fear of being in front of the camera get the best of her. She said to me, “I am a mom of two beautiful children and quite honestly I’m having a hard time finding myself and […]

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Bikes are sexy | Sacramento Cycling Boudoir


If you read my blog you will hear me say often that boudoir is so much more than what you see at surface value. It’s about confidence building just as much as it is about sexy photos. I love reading lately about what boudoir means to my clients because from their perspective what I do […]

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Sexy Shoot #2 | Sacramento Boudoir Photography

Sacramento Plus Size Boudoir

In the studio we often say that boudoir is about much more than photos. Most women walk away seeing their beauty like they haven’t been able to for years and they leave feeling differently too. We promise that  no matter what size you are you will feel powerful and amazing after your session. M proves […]

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Dangerous Woman | Sacramento Gun Inspired Boudoir


Often times I tell women to make their session unique to their personality. The easiest way to customize a shoot is by having props. The are always a lot of fun and we’ve had tons of interesting props from baseball bats, to his favorite bottle of rum to, believe it or not, a spoon! Sometimes […]

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Boudoir is what you make of it | Sacramento Plus Size Boudoir


A few days ago I went back to the gym again after recovering from 6 weeks of post pardum. We joined a new gym and I took a step class, but the this particular gym’s step class was very different than the ones I’m use to taking. When I expressed my disappointment to my husband about […]

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Classic and Personal | Sacramento Bridal Boudoir

N is a new mom and a bride to be be and I love her simplistic style for her bridal boudoir shoot. We always want to include more than one outfit every shoot to give our clients the best variety possible. I love that N picked outfits that matched with quite a bit of things, […]

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A new beginning | Angel Inspired Sacramento Boudoir


Woman come to the studio to shoot boudoir for so many different reasons. The most popular, of course, is it’s meant as a gift for someone else, but I truly believe that it is a gift for yourself! Woman ask me all the time what they would do with the pictures. It’s not really about […]

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Jiu-Jitsu Girl | Sacramento Boudoir Photographer

Jis Jitsu Boudoir

Not every woman we have in the studio is a lingerie kind of woman. Some of them are bad ass martial arts fighter. When V said to me she wanted to wear her Jiu-Jitsu uniform at her shoot, I said, “yeah, girl, lets do it, I love that idea!” She told me most days she […]

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Why Boudoir is Addicting | Sacramento Curvy Woman Boudoir


In the studio we get many curvy women. About once a month I hear a client say to me how they already want to come back for another shoot. Boudoir is addicting because confidence is addicting. You’ll hear me say more than once that a boudoir shoot is more than sexy photos. It’s about changing […]

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