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Dangerous Woman | Sacramento Gun Inspired Boudoir


Often times I tell women to make their session unique to their personality. The easiest way to customize a shoot is by having props. The are always a lot of fun and we’ve had tons of interesting props from baseball bats, to his favorite bottle of rum to, believe it or not, a spoon! Sometimes a prop may seem odd, but somehow we always find a way to make it sexy and those shoots often become some of my favorite shots in the studio. In the past I’ve had women ask to bring guns into the studio and I’ve always felt really intimidated by the thought. Well, I finally had my first gun inspired boudoir shoot and I have to say it “make me feel like a dangerous woman!” Seriously, it like having a super sexy spy in the studio and I think I could get use to that.

Sacramento Gun Boudoir

Gun Inspired Boudoir

Sacramento Boudoir Photo

Sacramento Gun Inspired Boudoir

Gun Inspired Boudoir

Gun Inspired Boudoir

Handcuff Boudoir

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