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Do it NOW! | Orange County Boudoir Shoot


Today I was at the gym and about an hour in a half into my workout when I couldn’t stop thinking about sitting in front of my tv drinking some coffee in yoga pants, I saw this message written on the personal training board. It said, “Do it NOW! Sometimes “later” becomes never.” I thought to myself how common this must occur in everyone’s life. We often put our deepest desires and our most passionate dreams on hold because of time, fear, money….whatever the reason, we often miss out on the most fulfilling parts of living!

I hear from women all the time why they have’t done a boudoir session. They need to lose weight, they are too old, or they are too scared. These reasons say one thing to me, there women don’t feel confidence in themselves because they are not their ideal image of sexy! And this is exactly why you shouldn’t wait! Don’t waste all this time feeling bad about yourself! Why not change your own opinion about your weight or age and most importantly get over that fear!

Don’t let your bucket list become a never. Do things! Travel, live your dreams, be wild and sexy, of course! Book an Orange County Boudoir Shoot.

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