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John + Nikole | Epic Hot Couples Boudoir | Mare Island – Vallejo, CA

She met him twice, but didn’t know it. He remembers vividly the first time he met her. “She was starring at me from across the room for 19 minutes straight”, He says. He finally talks to her, but she brushes him off and he thought he would never see her again. She reconnected with him because she noticed they had mutual friends and the 2nd time he met her, she remember it vividly. He wasn’t her type, almost the opposite of her, but that’s the quirky thing about love. Love knows no opposite. So the Harley riding, no filer, musician marries the subdued, laid-back, blond bombshell. I was at their wedding and a year later I get to capture a sexier side of them. The day of their shoot it rained all day. On the ride there I was scared that this would ruin the whole shoot, but when we got there Nikole said, “We will make the most of it. WE GOT THIS!” They never let obstacles stand in their way and that is what I love most about them. A rainy day turns into an EPIC shoot.

Hair and Make-up By Ashley Grinnell.

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